YWKWB LETTERS: Dear Boise State

Dear Boise State,

Your football field fucking SUCKS!  Every time I try to watch your games on ESPN, the train wreck that you call a field fucks with my eyes and makes me want to throw up!  Stop it already with the fuckin bright blue football field!  Even in HD the first down markers and line of scrimmage are all fucked up on my TV and it makes watching any of your games a chore.  Grow some of the regular grass......you know, FUCKIN GREEN and knock it off with the cute blue field that you so dearly refer to as "smurf turf".  Every time I hear smurf turf, it makes me think of Smurfette's bush.  It's fucking queer and getting old and your uniforms blend in cause they are the same color as the field!  It's like watching a hunter walk through the woods in full camo.  You know he's there, but you can't quite see him.  Here's an idea I"ll just toss out there, hows bout putting in some orange and blue chairs in the stands like every other team does with their stadium and stop fucking with the color of grass, cause your blue field is BULLSHIT!!!


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