YWKWB QUICKIE: SafeAuto Car Insurance

SafeAuto Car Insurance is BULLSHIT!!!

Every fuckin time I get in my car and turn on the radio, the same fuckin commercial is on......SafeAuto Car insurance.  "State minimum coverage you can count on".  Oh really!  I know what I can count on, that's some asshole hitting me and not having enough insurance to cover my medical bills.  "Can't get insurance anywhere else? Call SafeAuto".  They can't get insurance anywhere else for a reason, you FUCKS!!!  Oh FUCK YOU SAFEAUTO!!!!  You're the reason that people like myself have to pay fuckin ridiculous premiums.  I actually use a reputable car insurance company...meanwhile you're handing out car insurance like fuckin Halloween candy to every fucker that calls in.  Never mind that Ronnie the Retard has hit every parked car in town and backed into all the rest, give that motherfucker some insurance and make the fuckin bare minimum that way when he sideswipes a semi truck full of expensive electronics and his $50,000 policy won't even cover the goods in the trailer, let alone the semi truck.....I'll pick up the difference when the actuary examines the case and passes it on to the other drivers in the area in that age range. 

State minimum coverage!?!  Are you fuckin kiddin me?  Thanks safe-auto for being the title-loan store for the insurance world.  Bang up job!

GO FUCK YOURSELF SAFEAUTO!  Cause your insurance is Bullshit!