YWKWB LETTERS: Dear Salvation Army Bell Ringer

Dear Salvation Army Bell Ringer,

While I fully support your cause and charity, do you have to ring that bell so fucking loud?  Holy shit, you get my left ear going into the store and my right ear coming out!  We all know you're there!  You're the fuckin guy with the bright red vest, the pot dangling off the stick, and you're standing in the fuckin front door....SAW ya!  If you think that you have to ring that loud ass bell to get my attention, you're sadly mistaken.  Your bell is fucking annoying.....quit it!  You have this shit all backwards anyways, what you should be doing is have people give money to keep you from ringing that fuckin bell!  I would gladly throw a buck in if I thought it would shut you up, you loud fuck!  There are lots of ways to get me to give you money and making unnecessarily loud noises isn't one of them.  Save the bells for boat harbors and railroad crossings and take up air guitar lessons.

Cause your loud bell ringing is BULLSHIT!!!


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