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iTunes software is BULLSHIT!!!

Before we get started, YES I do have an iPod.  In fact, we own two, one is mine and the other is my wife's.  The iPod is great and I love the size of it and the amount of music it holds.  I love that we can listen to music in the car on long trips and I can take my music to work with me and listen to it there.  There are so many uses for the iPod it is just too hard to list them all.  Oh, I forgot the best part, I love how if you touch ANY folder in your library subdirectories, iTunes takes your music library, playlists, and song ratings out back behind the shed and fucks them like a dollar whore.  I mean seriously Apple, WHAT THE FUCK!?! 

For having one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the last decade, you would think that Apple would invest some of the billions that they make off of these things and provide some decent fuckin user software to go along with it.  NO, what do we get?  iTunes, the most anti-user friendly piece of shit I have have ever seen.  Now don't get me wrong, the finding the music part and actually downloading it isn't bad.  It could be better, but I'll leave that alone.  It is the behind the scenes part of the software that is total fuckin BULLSHIT! 

If you have an iTunes account and you have more than one iPod in the house, you are fucked!  You know why?  Cause in all their infinite wisdom, Apple still can't figure out a way to have two iPods on the same computer with seperate accounts.  WHAT!?!  Yea, that totally makes sense.  "See here at Apple, we only want to sell one iPod per household.  Any more and it gets complicated."  No that's not their business strategy.  They want everyone in the world to have three of 'em.  So don't you think more than one might exist in a couple of households across America?  So why can't I have separate syncs and separate accounts for multiple iPods in iTunes on one computer you fuckin idiots?  Seriously, are you that stupid Apple!?!  Now there are assholes out there that tell you how to have multiple libraries in iTunes.  And to them I say kiss my dick!  They tell you to hold the shift key and go to programs and select iTunes and press the iTunes icon and let go of shift key and stand on your left foot and spin around three times and whip your dick out and bang it on the keyboard and THEN pick your library.  WELL FUCK YOU!  If it is that complicated, fuck it!  Here's the deal, if you do have multiple libraries in iTunes, whomever had their library open last is what iTunes will bring up if you double-click the iTunes icon.  So if I was the last one using it and my wife plugs in her iPod, iTunes opens my library and syncs her iPod with it, wiping out her music from the iPod and putting all of my music on hers.  Guess who gets to clean up that fuckin mess!  Just what I wanted to spend my afternoon doing you fuckin dicklickers!  And don't preach to me about making my iPod do manual syncs.  That is BULLSHIT.  I don't have to tell my cell phone to charge after I plug it into the wall, it just does it.  I fuckin hate you iTunes, you are the devil.

So what's the solution?  Well luckily we have a laptop that runs on a wireless network that I setup to share with our desktop files.  So I downloaded yet another copy of iTunes to it and made that my computer that I do syncs with on my iPod.  Problem solved.  Well, you would think, but the dumb fucks at Apple made iTunes with a non corrective associated file base.  Yes, they are dumb.  So when I wanted to use my music that I had on the desktop computer, I moved the iTunes music folder that had all the music that my wife's iPod was pulling from to the shared folder that my laptop could pull from.  This way both iPods could share the music folder and pull from it.  Right?  WRONG!  Well, unknowing what I did was the equivalent of pressing the launch button at a nuclear missile site.  Cause once that folder was moved, iTunes had a fuckin stroke and didn't know where to look, which I suspected would happen.  So when I open iTunes, all the fuckin songs have the dreaded exclamation point next to them.  I double-click one and it asks where the folder went with the song in it.  I told it, fully expecting it to populate the rest of the library.  Right?  Oh fuck no!  That would be way too easy.  It wanted me to do that for every fuckin song in the library.  ARE YOU FUCKIN CRAZY!?!  That's like 13 gig of music times six mouse clicks!  Why in the fuck won't the software just look in that folder for the rest of the fuckin music!  Do they think I moved each song to a seperate folder?  Are you there Apple, you dicks!  I demand an answer cause I have other computer programs that I work in for a living and if something getting moved or you switch servers you just tell the program where you moved it and goes out and guess what?.....finds it all for you, assholes!

Here is the biggest BULLSHIT of it all.  The newest version of iTunes is 10.2.whatever the fuck and all of this shit is still happening!  This is bullshit that should have been worked out in Beta testing.  What fuckin focus group beta tested this thing.  Was it a room full of chimps? 

At least by version 2.0 or even 3.0 you would think they would have this worked out, but no, they choose to ignore it.  So I get to spend how many hours fixing this fucked up folder mess?  Tell 'em stupid spiked hair guy.

Yea, like 5 fuckin hours to get all this bullshit worked out.  Cause when you move a iTunes Music folder it wipes out any backed up previous libraries that it saved and it doesn't retain any music that you ripped from your CD collection.  Game over, start again.  I got a better idea, how bout I throw the iPod in the trash, delete iTunes from my computer and do like this guy....

...and punch myself in the dick!  It would be easier than fuckin wasting away my day rearranging folders on a computer.  If I wanted to be a fuckin IT guy I would call up the nearest Technical Institute and sign up.  All I know is if I had to go through this nightmare of file structure again, I'm diggin out my fuckin CD's and my discman and sayin fuck it!

Cause iTunes software is BULLSHIT!


  1. A FUCKIN' MEN! Where the hell are all the followers for this? Every single person I know thinks exactly the same as this. It's not that they haven't figured out how to fix it though. It's that they don't want to, so it's harder for people to share songs and video with each other. It's not even that, they could limit it or find a way to have us legitimately register our devices together if they were honestly the property of the same owner.

    I own an iPod nano, an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. PERSONALLY! And I still hate iTunes!
    I want all 3 of my Apple products to have the same fucking shit from the same fucking iTunes account on them, or at least pick and choose what I want from the account on each device.

    I have 2 vehicles, they both run on gasoline. One doesn't spit it out and say fuck you, give me diesel! Or say it wants me to empty the gas from car A's tank to put into car B's tank every time I want to drive one or the other.

    I consider myself to be something of a regular PC enthusiast. With the building and repairing and troubleshooting PC issues. Buying ridiculously expensive hardware components just so that I can play a game a few frames per second faster than the next guy. And I still have not been able to (or care to)fully grasp the iTunes software. Maybe because every time I use it I get angry with it and resort to going through hell once every few months only to say fuck it! And not even plug my devices into a computer.


  2. DAMN oxphatxo! I like your style! It's good to see that I am not the only one that thinks this is BULLSHIT!


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