YWKWB QUICKIE: Yellow Starburst

Yellow Starburst are BULLSHIT!!!

I fuckin hate yellow Starburst!  When you get a two pack of Starburst and you open them up to find this.......

You are so fuckin pissed!  When you get ready to open a two pack, you're hoping for 2 reds or 2 pinks or a combo red and pink.  If there is an orange in the mix, you're not too disappointed, but if there is a yellow, you're like.......FUCK!  But if there are 2 yellows, holy shit!  It's like dating a girl for a while, getting her back to your place, things get serious, you get her to the bedroom, things are getting hot and heavy, you slide those panties off................and she HAS A DICK!  That's how fuckin disappointing 2 yellows are.

Yellow Starburst are the worst candy EVER, THERE'S NEVER BEEN A WORST CANDY!!!

And if you are one of the freaks that "loves" yellow Starburst, well.....your vote doesn't count cause there is obviously something wrong with you.  You probably like candy corn and root beer barrels, too.  FREAK!

Hey Starburst, fuckin knock it off!!!  Cause your yellow ones are BULLSHIT!!!

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