Pressing 1 for English

Pressing 1 for English is BULLSHIT!!!

When have you ever thought as you make a phone call to a place of business. "Boy, I hope there is an option for English cause otherwise I'll be fucked!"  You haven't.  You know why, cause 90% of the time you looked up the phone number on Google, read the results in English, found the phone number and called it.  Now pressing 1 for English doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, it is BULLSHIT!!! 

When I call a number and the robot lady voice says "Thank you for calling insert company name here, to begin please press 1 for English."  I'm gonna stop ya right there.  If your robot lady answers my phone call in English, what are the chances that I want to continue in English.................about 99.999%, thats what!  Only an asshole who's fluent in 3 languages calls, get the same options and says "Hum........I feeling like a Spanish kinda of mood today, so I will NOT press 1 and I will wait to hear what option Spanish is."  To that guy.......fuck you.  Your the reason I have to listen to stupid shit like this.  Sometimes you call and hear "para empujar dos españoles."  and sometimes who hear "para empujar quattro españoles."  Well, is it 2 or is it 4, make up your fuckin mind Spanish you asshole. 

If you are reading this, then chances are you have never listen past "For English, Pres...." and you are hitting the 1 button so fuckin fast you knock over your cup of coffee.  I know I haven't stuck around to hear what comes after the English option.  I would imagine its something like........"For Spanish press 2, for French press 3, For German press 4, for Mandarin press 5, for Bulgarian press 6, for Latin press 7, for Hebrew press 8, for Ewok press 9, if your Kenny from South Park press 0."  You get the point...........

Pressing 1 for English is BULLSHIT!!!

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