Ticketmaster Surcharges

Ticketmaster surcharges are BULLSHIT!!!

So you wanna go to see your favorite band in concert, huh?  Well, first you have to play a game.  Oh, you don't like games.  Well, if you want tickets you'll play.  This one's called MONOPOLY.  Yes, you heard me Ticketmaster.  A fuckin monopoly on tickets, total BULLSHIT!

Yep, if you want to see anything from Metallica to the fuckin circus, you have to visit Ticketmaster.  Hell, I don't have a problem with that.  Ticketmaster has got it figured out.  Give people an easy way to buy tickets to any major event, let them pick their seats and prices and your good to go.  They do make you go thru all the BULLSHIT that is the word verification box (see more on this topic).  Oh, theres just one more thing.......we're gonna take out back and fuck ya in the ass.  Might as well, it be better than paying the bullshit surcharges. 

Lets see, I wanna take my daughter to see Disney on Ice.  Oh, cool tickets are only $13.00...nice!  Ok, I'm gonna need 4 ticket @ $13.00 each, thats $52.00.  That's not a bad price for 4 people, lets do that.  Ok, I'll just checkout here.  HOLY SHIT!  $76.00........What the FUCK is with the 50% markup!  Ok, calm down, there has to be a reasonable explaination for this.  Let see:

4 tickets = $52.00...............Ok, I'm with ya.
Facility charge = $1.00........Ok, seems like a bullshit charge, but I guess they have to clean up after me.
Convenience fee = $23.00 for 4 tickets............HOLY SHIT MY ASS HURTS!!!
Oh, you want to print your tickets NOW?, another $2.50.............Why not, sure, slap it on top with the rest of the fees.

Convenience fee?  How are they conveniencing me, cause they are offering me an item for sale online, and then when I buy said item, they give it to me?  Oh..............well shit that IS convenient!  I am way out of line thinking that the final price of the item at 50% more than advertised price is BULLSHIT!  Or am I?

Lets think about this.......Say I go to a used car lot.  I find a car that I want to buy.  The car is $10,000.  I buy it, but while we are signing the paperwork (checking out in Ticketmaster), the invoice has a fee for another $5,000.  You look to see what the additional $5K is for and it says "Keys".  You question the charge and the salesman says "How you gonna start it?" (I know it's a Seinfeld episode).  You get my point.  The charges are bullshit cause they got you by the balls.  Oh, you don't want to pay the surcharges, then buy them from the other online ticket sales place........OH YAH, there isn't one!  Fuck you and give us our money!

Heres your money and something else

Kiss my ass Ticketmaster cause your surcharges are BULLSHIT!!!

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  1. There's a website called: www.onestepahead.com

    They do the same fucking shit! I pay $99.95 for an item, $13 for shipping and $26 for a god damn surcharge??? WHAT.. THE.. FUCK!?!?


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