Word Verification Boxes

Word verification boxes are BULLSHIT!!!
"WORD" Verification?  WORD??? We are throwing the word "WORD" around pretty loosly these days.  Words huh?  Never seen the word "unrexc" or "aphxleci".  It took me a shorter amount of time to change my oil in my car than to type "aphxleci".  I feel like I am in typing class again.  Knock this BULLSHIT off!
This.........What the fuck is this?:

Who in their right fuckin mind came up with this as our anti-spam solution.  This?  Really?  This is the best you got?  Seriously assholes, knock this bullshit off. 

(In a whiny sissy voice) "Oh, but our pages will be filled with spammers, popups, stuff we don't want!"

Well how bout this?

Anybody know what the fuck this is?  If you don't, I'll come over to your house and hit you in the head with a tack hammer, cause your a retard.  You in the back.......Yes!  It's a banana.  See how long it takes you to type banana versus ANY of that BULLSHIT above.
What about this:

Don't be scared.  Just yell it out when you know it.  YES!  It's a tree.  A fucking tree.  A three year old knows what that is.  Type tree......it takes about 0.02 seconds.  Are you telling me that picture verification wouldn't block spamming software?  Pictures of shit that we all know and can type in milliseconds, but a computer doesn't.  All computers will know what these pictures are?  BULLSHIT!

Typing gibberish that looks like it was drawn by a left handed Parkinson's patient is a waste of my time.  Sometimes it takes like 2 or 3 times or I have to refresh the image 6 times before I can get one I can read good enough to attempt to type it.  And when you are being rushed by a timer like when you are buying tickets online, its like I'm a defusing a fucking bomb. 

I've got sweat beads rolling down my face, heart beating so fast I can hear it in my ears, I type the first "word" and............"please type the word again", no go.  SHIT! Try it again, typing the "word" unnedou, SHIT!, the "u" and the "n" are so close together that it looks like a "m".  OK, 50/50 shot, here we go.......type it in and.........."please type the word again" ..................BOOM, bomb explodes, your dead.  FUCK!

That is why Word Verification Boxes are BULLSHIT!!!

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  1. I have not seen how much of this Word Verification Boxes! May some site have it!


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