TARGET Receipts

TARGET receipts are BULLSHIT! 

Who's idea was it to put an expiration date on a fucking receipt?  What kind of corporate idiot sitting at a meeting says, "You know what we need?  An expiration date on our receipts, that way if people buy stuff and then get too busy to return it, its thiers forever!  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  What is the reasoning behind this?  Who is this helping?  Walmart doesn't have a fucking expiration date.  As much as I hate Walmart, they gotcha here Target, you pieces of shit. 
Look at a Walmart receipt:

No expiration date here.  Oh, you decided you don't want that DVD player that grandma bought you, bring that shit back in and we'll give you money and you can go buy groceries with it or whatever. 

Now the stupid fucking piece of paper that is a Target reciept:

Look at that shit, right at the top, staring at you saying "Oh you don't want that DVD player grandma gave you for your birthday?  Let me see the receipt....we're real sorry, sir, but your receipt has expired, you can keep your DVD player, cause it's no longer sellable." 
EXPIRED???? What is it, a fuckin gallon of milk???  Since this piece of paper is more than 90 days old, there is no way in hell that we can simply place it back on our shelf and expect someone else to buy it.  Oh yah, well FUCK YOU TARGET!  Sorry, Target, I get worked up when I have to deal with fucking idiots as part of my day. 
Yes, this has happened to me recently and no, it wasn't grandmas DVD player.  My wife and I bought a $190.00 baby monitoring camera.  We thought we needed something like that cause we were expecting twins and were going to place them in the same crib.  So we bought this in Nov of 2010.  Twins were born in Dec.  Receipt expired start of Feb.  We decided that we didn't need the camera and it was a dumb purchase for overprotective parents.  So I walk into Target middle of March.  Yah, its after the receipt expired, but I'm thinkin I'll explain that we had twins and we've kinda been busy, you know we've had a fuckin few things going on over the past few months. 

Bitch @ TARGET:
"Sir, your receipt is expired, there is nothing we can do." 

"Ummmm.....You can place it back in inventory and sell the thing to another person.  People will buy it, I know, cause I watched me do it."

Bitch @ TARGET:
"Sorry, sir nothing we can do."

"Can I get store credit?  I'll buy some more daipers and stuff."

Bitch @ TARGET:
"No sir, there is a $70 limit on your driver's license."

"Drivers License???  I have my RECEIPT!!!!"

Bitch @ TARGET:
"Sir, your receipt is expired."

"Can I speak with your Manager?"

Bitch @ TARGET:
"I am one of the Managers, sorry."

"Stuff your fucking sorries in a sack and choke on 'em, bitch!"

Ok, I didn't say that last part, but fuck I wanted to.

And don't waste your time calling TARGET customer service, it is based out of India, so you might as well call Microsoft Tech Support.  TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!

I wanted to go grab two carts and walk around the store filling them to the brim with shit, pay for it, and walk right over to the returns and say "Is this receipt expired?"  And then they get to restock it all.  Would of cost me some time, but it would be worth it.  I might do that this weekend if I can find some extra time.

Cause TARGET reciepts are BULLSHIT!!!

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