Bank of America

Bank of America is BULLSHIT!!!

BOA can blow me!  I fuckin despise you and hope someone sues you into the fucking ground! 

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, I feel better.  Your probably thinking "Who's this guy to say that BOA is BULLSHIT?"  Don't believe me?  Well, it's not just me.  There is an entire website devoted to how much BOA sucks.  Majority of the logs on the forum are from former and CURRENT employees.  That's how fuckin horrible this place is.  If the economy wasn't busy taking a shit right now, I'm sure that these people would quit their jobs. 

Even after a big fat $25,000,000,000 (Yes, 9 zeros) check from the gov't, the assholes still can't get their shit together.

The ONLY, and I mean ONLY reason I bank at this shithole is my employer banks there and I get everything free (safety deposit box, etc).  I have all my online shit setup and it would take me forever to get that shit ironed out if I switch banks.  One day they are going to push me to the edge and I'm cleaning out my accounts and going somewhere else.  Which is BULLSHIT!!!  Get your shit together BOA, you assholes! 

I actually had to show one of the loan officers what button to push in Excel for his spreadsheet to work so he could show ME that I was basically going to get fucked hard if I took a loan with them.  My mortgage isn't with them, my car loan isn't with them cause their rates blow and they stipulate where you can purchase a used car from.  They said they would give me a used car loan, but I had to purchase said car at a name brand lot like Chevy or Toyota.  Does this loan come with Vaseline for my asshole cause I'm gonna need it if I'm heading down to Toyota to purchase a used anything.

My BIGGEST gripe of all is the ATM fees.  You wanna talk about squeezing every last drop out of you.  These assholes charge you a fee for not using their ATM's.  No, I'm not talking about the $2 or $3 dollar fee that the other bank charges to use THEIR ATM.  BOA charges in addition to that fee another fee that they take out of your account later for not using their ATM.  Well, BOA here's a thought.............PUT MORE FUCKIN ATM'S IN YOU COCKSUCKERS!!!  We used to have one in my town, but the assholes at BOA thought "You know what, we are being way too generous here by offering a ATM in a location where our bank is not."  "Lets take that out, cause that is too convenient." "Oh, and then charge an extra fee if they don't drive all the way over here to us."  After $25 Billion in bail out, you can't waive an ATM fee?  Really? 

Well, kiss my dick BOA cause your bank is BULLSHIT!!!

YWKWB UPDATE 10/26/11: 

This just in!  Bank of America still fuckin sucks.  We here at YWKWB would like you to know that I have successfully moved ALL of my business to a great little local bank that is right up the street from me.  BEST THING I HAVE DONE IN YEARS!  I wish I had done it earlier, but as I said before it is a nightmare and I was avoiding it like the plague.  But after the layoff of 40,000 employes last quarter and the sorry ass attempt at fucking people out of $5 a month for their debit cards, I said FUCK IT I'M OUT!  Cause if they can't fuck me with the $5 debit fee, they will find another way to slip it in my ass while I am sleeping.  So I pulled up anchor and this ship has sailed.  See ya BOA.  Let me know how Bankruptcy goes for ya, cause you know that's what's next. 

Suck a bagful of dicks, cause your bank is BULLSHIT!!!

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