NO Cash Back at Gas Stations

No Cash Back at Gas Stations is BULLSHIT!!!

If you take a debit card at your business, you should offer cash back, asshole!  You are accessing my bank account to get your money that I owe you for buying an item.  While your in there, grab a few more bucks and give 'em to me.  It IS my money you prick!  If you want to be part of the "money network", then you need to offer the same type of options as most of the free world. 

This only chaps my ass when I go into a gas station that doesn't offer cash back (which is most of them where I live).  Fuckin gas stations won't offer cash back for what reason?  If anyone in town is raking in the dough, its you gas stations, you assholes.  Almost every place I go, before they print my receipt, they ask "Would you like cash back?"  You know what, I am feeling in the cash back mood, I'll take a twenty.  Easy enough.  What's your problem gas stations?  You think your better than everyone else, dicks.

This really only pisses me off this much cause when I go to the fuckin Post Office of all places they ask "You want cash back?"  I'm like, damn it gas stations get your shit together.  The fuckin Post Office is beating you!  The fuckin Post Office?  This place is making $.44 off a stamp, but will give me $40 if I ask for it.  I go into a gas station and spend $55 to fill up and they won't give me $10. 

Why not go to my ATM you ask?  Cause MY BANK blows goats for quarters, thats why.  If I need cash, I wanna be able to swing into a gas station, throw a pack of gum on the counter and get $20 back.  MARK MY WORDS, if the Post Office ever starts selling gum, your fucked gas stations.

Cause No Cash Back at Gas Stations is BULLSHIT!!!

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