Places that only take cash/check

Places that only take cash/check are BULLSHIT!!!

This one is TOTAL BULLSHIT! 

You walk into a small town restaurant to grab something to eat, have a nice meal, and walk up to the register and there it is.  The hand written "Sorry, cash/check only" sign.  Yes, you are sorry you prick!  Now tell me where the nearest ATM is. Cause you know how much we love to get fucked at the ATM with their stupid fees and then MY BANK fucks me with their fees.

How bout the assholes that don't take debit cards, but they have an ATM right there in the corner of the restaurant.  Well, guess what dicks?  I just spent what was going to be your tip on an ATM fee, so suck it!

Cash/Check only, huh?  How about I open a restaurant and you come in and eat and when you walk up the register the hand written sign says "Sorry, coins only."  Ya, bitch I only accept pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  Oh, you don't have coins, well I did write sorry on the sign.  The bank is up the street.  Go fuck yourself.

I'm sure some people have heard the Jeff Foxworthy joke where they come to repo his car and tell him that unless you give us $800 we are taking the car.  He says "I ain't got it."  The repo guy says "Can't you write a check?"  He says "A check?  "Surrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee, hell I thought you wanted money."  "Tell you what, what's the balance on that thing, I'll go ahead and pay it off."  See, checks are the biggest bullshit of all!  I can write you a check for the burgers and fries, but what if there is NO money in the account.  What then, genius?  Oh, you hang my check up to show everyone around that I bounce checks.  Well, I'm from out of town and will never be back, so jokes on you, asshole!  Get 3-4 of those a week, that card reader soundin pretty good right now isn't it?

This BULLSHIT always happens and it's always the best little burger joint or greasy spoon.  They have the best food and the best way to fuck the IRS.  "Hum.......it says here, Steve's Diner only made $2,143 last year, but they have been in business since 1962.  Wierd!?!  If you want to fuck the gov't, then find another way.  This is 2011 and we have these convenient little things called debit cards.  They allow me to have a large sum of money at my finger tips without actually having to tote it around, assholes.  So pay a small fee and get a card machine, you fuckers! 

"We don't want to pay the fees that come with the card machine."  Well, let me ask you this.  As part of your overhead, don't you pay for things like napkins and silverware?  Or do you hang a hand written sign that says "Sorry, finger eating only."  Kiss my ASS.  Accepting debit card is part of being in business.  So wake up, hire a youngster to show you what buttons to push on the fancy future machine and take my debit card, you dick!

Cause cash/check only is BULLSHIT!!!

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  1. Amen brother... searching for this very topic brought me to your blog.


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